Our First IHIP (6th Grade)

The following is the IHIP NY state requires that I will be mailing out tomorrow.  I will let you know its status when I hear back (accepted vs. not accepted).  This is for the 6th grade.  I wrote the subjects and descriptions in a table that cannot be reproduced on this website.  Instead, I just copy and pasted them out of table.


Home Schooling


(Note: Hours of instruction for grades 1-6 shall be 900 hours per year. While the subjects listed below must be taught, the course content may differ from the public school curriculum.)


Last name:  ___________________   First name:  Michael       DOB: ___________    Age: ____    Grade level: 6


Last name: Kent    First name:  Laura   Mailing Address: PO Box 1228   Home Address: _______________    City: Wappingers Falls    State: NY   Zip: 12590      Home Phone: _____________  

Email address: ___________________

SUBJECT Syllabi, curriculum materials, textbooks, or plan of instruction

 Arithmetic: Most arithmetic study and practice will advance through khanacademy.org’s math matrix. Further study of percents, ratios, decimals, fractions, and geometry moving into solid Algebra and working with negative numbers by year’s end. Plan includes the triangle sum theorem, statistics, probability, graph interpretation, and basic TI-83 graphing calculator use. Review math will be studied in a real-world context with budgeting, cooking, science (especially plotting out and sectioning the dig mentioned in our science plan), and grocery shopping.

The English Language (Reading, writing, spelling, language arts):   Improved oral communication skills (including nonverbal skills) through study and presentations. Basic typing with the alphabet keys in professional form, note-taking, and cursive. He will read one grade-level or above book a month for enjoyment and publish a review for it. For every topic covered (outside of arithmetic), he will read and review at least one related, grade-level book per month. All books will generate discussions. Vocab and spelling lists will be generated from his studies with particular attention paid to previously unknown, misspelled, or misused words in his readings and writings. Logic and philosophy will be touched on and used to critically examine readings and visual media claims. Common suffixes, prefixes, and root words, simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification, alliteration, hyperbole, narrative, poetry, drama/plays, and story structure and components, outlining, editing, passive vs. active voice, mnemonics, and proper sentence structure will be studied and worked with. He will keep a regular journal in addition to weekly upkeep on his blog (http://michaelstreehouse.wordpress.com) posting various essays, research papers (with bibliographies), thoughts, stories, articles, poetry, and more. He will also blog with me on homeschooling specifically (and regularly) at https://caputdraconishomeschool.wordpress.com Use of computer software and research will naturally be included (in addition to the public library as a resource).

Social Studies (Geography & History):   We will cover latitude, longitude, time zones, prime meridian, international dateline, and the 7 major deserts specifically. Each month we will research and study at least one location plotted on our laminated (for using washable markers on), mural-sized world map. These locations will be plotted whenever we hear, read, or watch something that mentions them (even in entertainment). These plots will be color-coded separate from his geographical focus on paleontology. This focus will have him plotting digs he read about on our map. Geology and terrain involved will also be researched . Each studied location will involve its geography, history, people, and cultures. We will delve deep into our family history as a context for exploring US history from a personal perspective. This will invariably lead to studying early Irish immigration and the Cherokee nation. New York history will be studied in a paleontological context (digs and finds, what the area looked like at various times in prehistory). We will read one biography a month with a review/report. We will also craft a time capsule to seal and bury before filling in the dig-site we plan to maintain for science.

 Science:   Focused on paleontology (and archaeology) including a properly excavated area in our backyard complete with scientific process, observations, scale drawings, earth layers, involved geology and more. We will study and maintain a record of the daily weather. We will review the heart, but focus on the brain, and by extension, psychology, complete with related experiments. We will have a unit on astronomy that includes the life-cycle of stars, including the occurrence and theories behind black holes, basic shape and composition of the known universe, and the big bang theory. The TV show Myth Busters are a frequent favourite and will include discussions and critical evaluation of their process. We hope to end the year with a Myth Busters inspired science experiment (using a safer myth to explore, such as the hoax-reality debate about Mountain Dew glowing when combined with every day items such as Mentos or baking soda and hydrogen peroxide).

Health:   Cover the study and practice of personal, mental, and dental hygiene, effects of stress, relaxation techniques, illegal substance awareness (including an interview with at least one rehabilitated relative), proper nutrition and balanced meals, drinking half our weight in ounces of water, daily exercise, puberty, family planning, STDs, epidemics, the immune system, and how the brain works, effects, or is affected through our good and bad health habits.

Music:   Music helps him focus, therefore, the bulk of music appreciation will occur through instrumentals during study. He will learn how to read music at a basic level as part of his violin lessons. He will practice the violin daily for at least half an hour. He will also receive occasional vocal training. This study will include music-related vocabulary.

Visual Arts:   Art history (including related visuals) will be studied primarily through the Art History videos on khanacademy.org. We will also work with editing pictures on the computer (including adding text and basic photo-shopping tricks), drawing and other various crafts (ex: making the tools we need for the science dig-site) throughout all the topics studied (especially in his digging journal), 3D clay models and family art projects periodically.

Physical Education:   Our days will begin with a walk and talk around our neighborhood (as weather permits) to jump start brain activity and circulation. He will take activity breaks (sometimes going on another walk) for fifteen minutes between different subjects, books, and/or tasks. He will learn the benefits of separating subjects and tasks in this way. He will spend at least twenty minutes devoted entirely to exercise. This exercise will primarily consist of active play with foam swords outside. If weather does not permit, or I am otherwise indisposed that day without an alternate fencing partner (sick, tied to unexpected housework, etc.) he will spend this exercise time playing active Wii Sports games or Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii. He will also learn to play formal and street versions of baseball and tennis.

Bilingual Education (optional):   Michael is a native English speaker.  He begins French this year and will learn the French alphabet, basic pronunciation, how to count to 40, 5 basic verb conjugations, and at least 10 additional vocabulary words.

Needed once K-8

All but the NY constitution have been covered at least once in his years at the local district. Nonetheless…

Patriotism & Citizenship:   What it means to be a good citizen and discussing ways to volunteer or help your local community.

Substance Abuse:   Covered extensively at school and home already, including an at home discussion of deceptively unsafe products that can kill, such as inhaling the air from a Dust-Off canister. This year we will take a closer look at how different types of substance abuse and misuse effect the brain. He will also conduct an interview with at least one rehabilitated relative (we have a few in our extended family). These interviews will provide a personal look into marijuana and alcohol abuse. Hopefully, a second interview (if we can manage it) will also provide insight into crack and cocaine addiction.

Traffic & Bicycle Safety:   We already go over bicycle safety every time he goes to ride. Traffic safety will be handled on the field during drives. We will discuss why we have certain rules and take every opportunity to discuss driving mistakes we catch and how they could cause harm, along with what would have been a safer decision.

Fire & Arson Safety & Prevention:   We will review how to prevent different types of fires and put them out. We will practice safety drills a few times, including testing door knobs, crawling to avoid smoke inhalation, and removing window screens to crawl out the window in case you’re trapped. We already review fire prevention every time we work with fire, including the extra measure of dousing a match with water.

US Constitution:   We will cover our basic rights provided in the constitution and how to use each responsibly. Additionally, we plan to cover civil disobedience, how it was used in the past (civil rights movement), how it is used in the present (such as the Savannah Dietrich case), and possible uses in the future, as well as how and when to use it responsibly (and when not to).

NY State Constitution:  We do not plan to cover it this year.


Quarter 1: November 15, 2012

Quarter 2: January 30, 2012

Quarter 3: April 15, 2012

Quarter 4: June 30, 2012

FINAL EVALUATION INSTRUMENT TO BE USED:   Written narrative of progress and portfolio by mother, Laura Kent (BA in psychology). Her decision will be informed by the free practice tests for the sixth grade (into seventh) online for additional help in objectivity.

_________________________________ Laura B Kent

Signature of Instructor (s) Same as person preparing the IHIP


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6 thoughts on “Our First IHIP (6th Grade)

  1. amanda says:

    OH OH OH can i teach him to crochet???

    • Saronai says:

      Sure! If you really want to 😀 Maybe we can make that a part of our play dates or something, come up with something a little more concrete.

      I showed him this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Owuv62zbFS8 as an introduction to what crochet is to see if he would be interested.

      Not sure how serious you were for the offer, but it would be pretty awesome. When we have our first get-together, how many colours of yarn should I buy?

      Hit me on facebook in messages if you’re serious and we can make some dates. If your place is inconvenient sometimes we can always meet at the Grinnell library too (though with Charlie I assume your place would be more comfortable for you). We can meet here too, but for your cat allergies 😦

      I won’t add it to our IHIP though. I read that you don’t want to list too many things as they then want to know why you failed to follow through. In comparison, it’s much more impressive to add things to your quarterly reports.

  2. amanda says:

    just one color, worsted weight (or medium) you can get a thing of red heart yarn for like 2 bucks. i also have some navy if he likes that color, and yellow and a bunch of other colors too. he may as well use it. LOL

    easier to come here, due to charlie, and there is lots of room for running around during a break too. lmk when you want to come up. 🙂

  3. […] ended up not sending the IHIP out yet.  I’m still devouring tons of homeschooling books, thus the delay in edits and […]

  4. Jacqueline Guerrero says:

    Hi!! I’m a new homeschooling parent from New Rochelle, NY. I have a wonderful daughter who is a sixth grader. I’m struggling with my IHIP and was hoping you might be able to offer some insight on it. I sent my first one and it came back unapproved. I want to give as little info as possible & i was under the impression that what was needed was to state the material we would be using. For us it’s an online curriculum. In each field required I just listed the program I chose to use. I obviously need to add more, but not sure what. Hope this little quest for help finds you doing great in your homeschooling journey. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Saronai says:

      I’m so sorry, I only saw this just now. Materials/books used OR a plan of study should be all that’s needed in NY. I’ve heard some districts try to push you for more and might require an official homeschool support group with legal backing to get them to back down and admit you don’t need more.

      However, it could also be the case that you failed to write how your quarterly reports and end-of-year report/testing would consist of. Every other year (starting with the 2nd year) you have to take part in formal testing and report that in your IHIP. For the first year, you can simply say that you, the parent and teacher, plan to fill out a written report on progress, then list your four dates, plus a date for your final report at the end of the year. Is it possible they refused your IHIP because you didn’t fill in dates for quarterly reports or your plan for end-of-year review/testing?

      The Wappingers, NY district where we are seems to be pretty laid back about controls, but other districts in NY can try to push and bully you (or so I’ve heard). I’ve really not had any problem with our IHIPs. Have you tried contacting them to find out what is lacking that got it refused?

      Sorry again that I’m getting back to you so late, it might be too little too late now 😦

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